Friday, April 17, 2009

Geocaching in the news...

Another great article by Darcie Gudger! and a plug to yours truly's blog, thank you!

Geocachers Organize Events to Protect the Environment

CITO - Cache in, Trash Out

Geocaching is growing in popularity. More people are getting outside and into the woods. Volumes of people trekking to specified coordinates will impact the environment. In 2002, CITO environmental initiatives were launched by the world-wide geocaching community.

Leaving traces and trash by a few irresponsible people will ruin the sport for the rest of us. Geocachers are expected to practice "cache in trash out" whenever they are on the hunt. Also, cachers are expected to leave the area where they found the cache in better condition than when they found it (Leave No Trace).

Sometimes the volumes of trash are more than one geocacher can carry out.

The solution?

CITO events, hosted by devoted geocachers. For example, a CITO event will be held along Bear Creek on May 2nd. At 11 AM, geocachers will converge on the pavilion near the parking lot at the Stone House open space. The city of Lakewood, CO is supplying trash bags for the cleanup efforts.

Picking through trash to find a cache is disgusting and dangerous as well as detrimental to the environment. Read about a blogger's experience with trash at a cache site in Houston, TX here.

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