Saturday, April 18, 2009


What a miserable day weather-wise! Alot of rain which has caused flooding and been, at least partially, responsible for some deaths.

But the youngest and I had a good day starting out at the Scout Fair (where I worked a booth for an hour and a half and young BadAnimal went off to have fun) and then we went to a shop that gives free magic lessons every 3rd Saturday of the month. Unfortunately I got a little lost getting there, amazing to me how much I depend on seeing the skyline and the sun, today's washout had me totally lost. After buying him a couple of magic tricks, we went in search of a cache. Hey, I need to keep my consecutive days streak intact!

I used to work across the street from this cache,
Good to the last drop, back in 2000 for Kraft (Maxwell House), so going back to this area brought back some good memories. We parked as close as possible and had to use an umbrella. I spied it first and then he did. We brought the cache back to the vehicle to examine the contents and sign the log book in drier conditions. Took 2, left 2. Signed log.

Underpass under water. Poor picture quality. You can barely make out a car partially submerged.

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