Sunday, April 12, 2009


One of the new caches near me that got posted the other day via the Groundspeak Weekly Notification e-mail had a riddle attached to it. Raven flies to 1000 caches!!! I printed it out and was fairly lost as to what to do with the riddle. I looked at it again today and noticed details that I hadn't noticed before. I did what I needed to do with the paper and got the coords. I manually put those into the Geocache Navigator software on my Blackberry (I did have to change the default settings to accomodate the manual coords.) and saw where it was located.

Had to go get some gas and drop off the paper recycling and knew that the cache was located between my two destinations. The neighborhood that this was located behind is a very nice one. I was equally impressed with the way that folks had kept up their area outside of their back fences. It did take me several minutes to find it but the encrypted hint helped alot. The only issue was some neighbors seemed to be having an argument. I couldn't hear what was being said but I kept hearing a woman scream and I kept hearing a noise like a pneumatic gun or something. This made me pretty uncomfortable in what was a pretty nice setting. I wonder what the neighbors think hearing these people argue.

Congrats to Raven for their 1,000th find! Wonder if I'll ever get close to that.

I was just the third person to log this one.

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