Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Geocaching in the news...

Nice article here on searching for a GPS device.

Sample of article -

"The eTrex Vista has been so easy to use. I can operate it with one hand. Downloading caches from is as easy as one mouse click. The device lists the caches I hope to find in order of what's closest to where I'm standing at that very moment. When I mark one as "found" it moved to the next set of coordinates. My path of travel from one cache to the next is somewhat logical and so much fun.

Problem is, when I'm thinking it's time to head back and the next cache is only .16 miles away, I MUST find it.

For the past two days, my three-year old son and I have been out 2.5 hours at a time hunting treasures. Yesterday we meandered nearly five miles!

The geocaching community is huge and very friendly... very family friendly.

Time is a'wasting and there are some undiscovered caches out there. My next article will demystify geocaching and introduce you to the web-based cache log and community."

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