Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was going to walk from #1 to this one, Sims Bayou Adventure #2 . But decided against it given the limited amount of time that I had. I looked at my map and realized that I could park closer to it.

Driving to the location I saw lots of flowers and other items by the mailbox of a house and then noticed the the house was badly burned and I realized that I had come across the house where two of Houston's firemen had lost their lives a couple of days ago. Very sad whenever we lose our policemen or firemen or first responders or armed forces personnel.

I parked just a house down from there and got out and began my walk. Turns out I could have parked even closer but that's OK, it was nice outside and I got to see more of the surroundings.

There were some mattresses and other furniture around but I think it was from dumping and not from folks using them. I found the geocache under a small log that the last finder had placed it under. But I saw a hole in the end of that log and saw that the geocache fit perfectly into it and left it that way confident that that was the way it was supposed to be. Signed log.

Note bayou behind me.
Bird in swampy area between where I parked and the geocache.

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