Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geocaching in the news...

Here's a very well done article, "Come and Find Me".

Snippet -

"It’s called “Geocache” and it’s basically one big, global and (now not so) very clandestine treasure hunt. I must admit that I wanted to keep the whole thing to myself, but after a couple of days spent outdoors, discovering new places, feeling the sun on my skin, being bitten by bugs and scratched by branches, I felt the need to break the code because the more people avoiding shopping malls and PlayStations on the weekend the better. Geocache gives new life to well-worn walks, and childish promise to familiar surroundings. It makes you want to get out there."

Here's something interesting from this article! - BookCrossing - Welcome to BookCrossing, where 762,115 people in over 130 countries come to share their passion for books with the world. Where books take on a life of their own.

Oh I also ran across Letterboxing tonight.

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