Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Another beautiful day in Houston! I went in search of this one Fields of Dreams - . I'm glad I checked the logs first. "Be careful! I saw a big snake leaving where the cache was. It was probably 3-4 ft long." and "I, too, hiked to the back of the nearby park only to find the same treatment place and fence. Lots of grocery carts, so there may be people living in the woods nearby. Once I found the way to the field, it was an easy find, but I was a little disappointed at the location. So many prettier places it could have been."

So, I drove right up to this one. No muggles around. I moved one rock looking for it and found a snake, it was a little guy, I don't know what kind it is (see pic). There's also alot of ground cover covering the concrete and trash, I was worried about sticking my hand anywhere. I finally saw it and was able to grab it without incident. There's alot of trash around this one (I didn't have a bag with me to follow CITO and this is HISD property.) Took nothing, left nothing. (It still had the golf ball and a red hotwheels truck.) Signed log.


Erika Jean said...

Such a shame. I can't believe they would call it "Field of Dreams"

Marc said...

I know right?

There are three fields - track, football and baseball - here. But this particular corner of the property is a mess. This is HISD property. And the rest looks well maintained. Grass is cut, etc. I don't know why they ignore this one corner with the trash and concrete blocks and snakes.