Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Opossums

This Sunday afternoon I was coming home from running some errands and saw a dead possum in the middle of the road. However as I got closer, I noticed movement! And as I got beside it, I noticed two babies. The mother must have just been hit. I don't know what she was doing out at 12:30 pm (middle of the day) but she was. I quickly maneuvered my vehicle to block her and the babies. I think most folks thought I was crazy to block the street trying to help possums. I called my wife to tell her where I was and to come meet me with a cat carrier. One of the babies did get off the street and went to the ditch near some bushes. The other was trying to get back in his mother's pouch, it was very sad. I grabbed an empty Happy Meal box out of my car and tried to shoo the other off of the street, it did not want to leave his mother, poor thing. I was able to get that one into the box. I held it until my wife showed up and I put it into the carrier. I pulled my vehicle out of the middle of the road and went to get the other one. I got it into the Happy Meal box and put it into the carrier. They're very cute.

I brought them to the same place, Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, that I brought Opie (see story below). I asked about Opie but they didn't know anything. I donated some more money by buying a couple of t-shirts for my sons and also a stuffed raccoon.

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