Friday, April 10, 2009

#17 - My second FTF!

The next one was in the area so I went to find it. Sims Bayou Adventure #12. Judging from the map I had printed out and from the map on my Blackberry, I parked on the north side of the bayou and walked toward it but I pretty quickly realized that it was on the other side.

So, I drove over the bridge and into the neighborhood looking for a place to park but settled on parking at Sonic. Walking toward the find I noticed a couple of homeless men on the under side of the bridge on the other side of the bayou. This concerned me. This is not a very good part of town and I was by myself. I continued on and continued to keep an eye on those men.

I walked into the woods there and very near the area was a homeless shelter, there were blankets hanging from the tree and I wasn't sure but I think someone may have been in there from the direction that I approached. I didn't like this at all. I walked back out and approached from another direction. Lots of ground cover here and I was happy to be wearing hiking boots and blue jeans. I spied the geocache, which is locked by a cable to a tree (smart move!) but that shanty town was still about 20' from me. I admit I was scared (my heart was racing) and quickly opened the ammo can. Yay! I am the FTF! Grabbed the FTF prize, and the Jeep toy, signed the log, put back several items all the while keeping en eye out for people.

OK, I know bad things can happen anywhere but there are some areas where the liklihood that something bad might happen increases. I DO NOT recommend doing this one alone. Finding this cache wasn't worth my life. If you go get this one, please go with several adults and have your cell ready (I was very ready to dial 911). I would not bring my kids to this one with just me. I definitely would not recommend a woman doing this alone. Oh, and please do this one during the day. You are completely isolated and if anything were to happen, nobody would see it. Sorry to sound so paranoid, but better to be safe than sorry!

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D. Gudger said...

That sounds creepy. The other day I was led into a parking lot behind some buildings where there was a lot of trash and grafitti. I had my three year-old with me and was not having much fun. We decided to abandon the search.

I wasn't keen on sticking my hand behind mechanical units where I couldn't see. Not worth the risk of getting poked by a needle or something.

Makes you wonder what some people are thinking when they plant caches in unsafe places.