Tuesday, April 14, 2009


What a beautiful day in Houston! I went in search of Cullinan Park Keychain Cache again. I took another 20 minutes or so to find it. And I did get some e-mail help from 'no muggle', thank you! Not sure why I had such a hard time. I did do alot of bushwhacking yesterday before I stumbled onto the paved path that is very near this find. This cache does blend in with its surroundings. And the hint says it is under a fallen tree, but there are many fallen limbs over the area. Many, many keychains inside. Very nice. Signed log. Took nothing, left nothing.

Can you see the cache?

Pics of the swamp in Cullinan Park.

This one is located in a questionable part of town. But I wasn't too concerned. Although there was a young guy yesterday walking around with his hoodie up and it was close to 80 degrees and that was kinda strange, you could barely see his face. But today, there were couples walking around and mothers with their young children. Some of the comments in the logs made me wonder about this one too - "Lot's of people in the park and on the trail, a few of which looked on the unsavory side. But I went for it anyway and found it without incident." and "When I first parked there were too many people just sitting in their cars watching me leave. So I went back and parked closer to the playground where there were more people and activity." and "When we came out, cops were everywhere as several cars were broken into so yall be careful parking there." (I did worry about my vehicle being broken into while I was doing this one.)
Mosquitos are also mentioned but I didn't have an issue on this beautiful day.

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