Friday, April 10, 2009

#16 - My first FTF!

Got the Groundspeak Weekly Notification e-mail this morning. I like getting those e-mails! Tells me of upcoming events and the latest geocaches placed within a 100 mile radius of my home location. One titled, Sims Bayou Adventure #11 , caught my eye because I work fairly close to Sims Bayou. So, I looked at the details and thought this could be doable for lunch and there are a couple of fast food places I could go to for lunch right there in the area.

So, I parked across the street at the Walgreen's and went in search. The details on the site for this one say "Never used this type container before so we'll see how its lasts. You could call it a container inside another container or draw your own conclusion. A seeing eye dog is not required to find cache." He's right, once I saw the container, I knew what it was. I opened it, grabbed the container inside, unfurled the log and verified that I would be the first! I have to post a picture of the cache at the risk of spoiling this for someone.

Signed log - BadAnimals

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