Friday, May 01, 2009

Opossum Update

Not on Opie or the babies unfortunately (see stories below) but on new possums.

My wife told me she thought she heard a noise behind the clothes drier out in the garage this evening and asked me to come check it out. I moved some wood we have beside it and underneath the drier hose leading out of the garage were two young possums. They aren't as small as the ones I had rescued the other day but they're not near as big as Opie.

I noticed this morning that most of the cat food was gone in the garage and saw a bunch of slobber in the cat bowl too (they're messy eaters!). I wondered if we had new visitors. Now we know.

I'm happy.

I'll try to get a picture of them. I just went out to try to get that picture but they're not in the same place. :-(

I just went out to see if I could see them, it's 1:45 am, and I caught an adult possum eating the cat food. Hmmm, we have more than we thought.

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