Friday, May 01, 2009


Went for some lunchtime grabs today, first time in two weeks. First one was, Law Park - YAMS #5 .

This one is very near a park and a bayou. I was able to travel down a sort of road that wound into the weeds and trees just about 100' in so nobody could see my vehicle from the street which made me a little nervous (remember, I'm still not in the best part of town). I couldn't drive all the way to the cache because of recent rains. Alot of garbage around this one, large, dumped items, you'd need dump trucks to perform CITO. The actual cache is just a couple of steps into the weeds and trees. I took 2 items and left 3. Signed log. Oh yeah, the mosquitoes ate me alive!

The cache -

Me not too happy about the swarm of mosquitoes. Looks like I killed one on the right-side of my jaw, note the smeared blood.

The road leading to the cache -


Erika Jean said...

ahh mosquitoes! I hate the feelign of them flying around!

Not in a safe part of town? Make sure u tell someone where you are headed b4 you leave - even if it's just a twitter!

Marc said...

And I probably had 10 of them on me at any given moment, it was miserable.

You know, that is good advice. I just hadn't told any of my co-workers what I am doing yet.