Friday, May 08, 2009


With this one, I got the last of the ones in my area to grab for lunch. :-( I'll have to drive further for any others. Or to a different part of town. Between the distance and the weather, my lunchtime grabs are about done.

I parked too far from this one, Mykawa Road Hideout. But it was windy here and I didn't mind the walk. The cache was nestled in some trees and difficult to find. Actually, I found two bottles first but they have been there for many years as the trees have grown around them and they can't be moved.

Still a nice hide. Signed log.

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D. Gudger said...

Is the cache visible in the picture? I'm just starting to venture into more clandestine hides. My knowledge of cache types is so limited. Found one this week bored up into a stump. Another was a birdhouse up in a tree on the side of a very steep gulch.