Monday, March 16, 2009

Geocaching in the news...

A story from the Milwaukee Outdoor Recreation Examiner

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to head out to the trails and parks. If the city is your type of jungle, then Milwaukee had plenty of things to do there too. For instance, you can grab a GPS receiver and head to From there you can get a list of coordinates and head out into the city. There are plenty of caches stashed around Milwaukee. For an enjoyable afternoon, you can head out to the River Walk. One I recently finished is Gertie and the Bridge War. This is a 2 part puzzle cache and a lot of fun. I recommend this one. If you don’t have a lot of time then there are also smaller micro-caches hidden around. Get a list and head out on the concrete trails. If all the walking and searching made you a little tired and hungry then stop off at the Milwaukee Public Market and grab a bite and a drink. They have free Wi-Fi so you can get online and fine a few other caches while you rest your feet.

Milwaukee is covered with geocaches. There are over 1400 caches hidden around the Milwaukee area. Geocaching is a great game that gets you outdoors, whether hiking in the parks and trails or hiking through the city. If you haven’t given it a try, get out, give it a try and enjoy the day. Take a walk along the river and stop by and say “Ayyyy” to the Fonz. Tell him Dan sent you.

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