Thursday, June 11, 2009


Damaging storms battered North Texas overnight and drifted southeast, but fell apart before providing any relief to the even-hotter-than-normal Houston area.

As for the Houston area, National Weather Service forecasters see more of the same ahead. The high temperature is expected reach into the high 90s today, and with humid air blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico, heat index readings should be in triple-digits.

The forecast doesn’t change through next Wednesday: Highs in the upper 90s, overnight lows in the mid-70s and heat index readings easily over 100 degrees.

In fact, Sunday through Wednesday, the heat index is forecast to approach the 109-degree mark.

The heat index is a measure of what heat feels like once humidity is factored in.

There's nothing new about summertime heat in Houston, but normal high temperatures are around 90 degrees this time of year, several degrees below forecast highs for the next week.

No rain is forecast over the next week for the immediate Houston area, continuing several weeks of unseasonably dry weather that began in April.

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